Dev Log #1


We’re making prototypes for the racing game this week. Our first models are cars which are just prototype placeholders.

The main problem we’re facing is the kart-arcade games like Mario Kart/Sonic All Star Racing use different logic from racing games with realistic physics. For example, Kart Arcade uses sensors and magnets instead of wheels in the cars.

This week we’re also exploring lighting in Unity which we didn’t use much before. Oh, and we’re also facing some other problems such as optimization on mobile platform.

Up until now, we’ve implemented: Power Up; different controls for PC and Mobile; Split Screen for up to 4 players; 1 Practice Track; Early Assets; and Spongebob with Normal Map to experiment with lighting.



It’s been so much fun although there were a lot of problems we’ve encountered. For now, we’re still struggling with Mobile optimization and better Control.

In the future we will start giving textures to available meshes and tinkering on the lighting system on PC so that the Scenery will look dazzling in the game.

Stay tuned with us, guys! Also please follow our twitter for another stuff we’re doing: @RedRainGames


Wait (for) The Fun,

RedRain #wtfredrain