#Dev Log 03 – Track 1, Indonesia’s National Monument



A Glimpse of the Track

We’ve been developing our very first track in the past two weeks which takes place in Indonesia’s famous landmark. It’s called the National Monument in Jakarta a.k.a Monas (literally abbreviated from Monumen Nasional, or National Monument in English).  

Here goes the “Monas”. Definitely not a candlestick in the middle of the road, mind you.

Well, or so we thought.

We mimic the original scenery for this track. The real Monas, situated in Central Jakarta, has a big area surrounding it, so to add more fun and immerse to the game, we applied more complexity into the track. 


(Left) Perspective View and (Right) Top-Down View

We will now add some more teeny-tiny details to the stage itself to make the scene more beautiful. 



New UI

Looks slick, doesn’t it?

This is the new looks of the UI (Not optimized for Mobile yet, though). The ingame currency is located on the top left, while the lap and current position are on the Right Top. There‘ralso speed indicator on the left bottom and Power Up on the right bottom.  



Introducing the Passive Skills!

We added Passive Skills for each car. Yes, you read it right, passive skills! We surely won’t be just like any other ordinary racing games you’ll find out there scattering in the market! The main mechanic is that the car will go on races while collecting Rupiahs (in-game currency) and every time the car pass the Start / Finish gate, the player will automatically get the passive skills provided the money is enough to get the passive skills! 

Currently there are 4 Passives: 


1. Max Speed.
3. +1 for all active Power Ups with charges.
4. Less fuel usage.



Stay Tuned With Us! 

We’ll be talking more about the game for next week, new track and Game Art Style alternatives (or maybe next year, if we decide to wrap up this year lol). To keep in touch with us, check out our social media platforms: 

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>> Coming Soon, Instagram for the Artists!


As always, we are grateful for the supports that you provide us. If you have any feedbacks, questions or even tips and trick on how to make our game better, don’t hesitate to contact us and drop us some emails! We will put credits for everyone who helped us for the game! 


Wait (for) The Fun!

RedRain #wtfredrain