#Dev Log 02 – Mobile or PC?



TGIF! From now on, we’ll try to always post our Dev Log updates every Friday, where everyone will mostly be in the happiest mood throughout the week! (duh, you don’t say..) Anyways, check these out guys as the dev team’s blood, sweat and tears turned into concrete progress towards completing the game!


We want to make nice Lighting effect for the game, but unfortunately we encountered some problems in the process. We just learnt that developing game for PC compared to Mobile has a HUGE difference. It’s not just big, it’s so damn HUGE !! Here is the comparison:

PC (left) vs Mobile (right)


The Difference:

>>>Post Processing Stack: The Unity’s powerful Post Process Shaders are actually somehow really heavy on the Mobile side (Xperia Z3), although it can give pretty effects on the overall scene. Here are what we put on the PC version:

a. Bloom: This is what enhances the scenery the most, it gives the smooth and soft brightness on the camera! You can see on the Mobile version it is somewhat darker and stiff.
Anti-Aliasing: This might not be seen much here, but actually the edges of the wheels get smoother because of the anti-aliasing.
c. Eye Adaptation: Just like normal eyes, the Eye Adaptation will adjusts the brightness depending on how bright the screen is. It will give you a stable mood throughout the game.
d. Dithering: Not sure what this is for, but apparently this will reduce the stripes on the camera on Realtime Render.
e. Depth Of Field: This will also enhance the overall feel of the game by slightly blurring the area in a distance from the camera, so the car looks more focused.


>>>Volumetric Light / Fog Light: This enhances the game scenery the most, it gives all the light source looks like the image on the left (PC version). The volume from the light gives the feel that the light source is real. The Fog Light steps up the scenery even more. It is as simple as moving the noise inside it and it already gives you a nice lighting effect. Unfortunately, again, this isn’t  supported in Mobile (at least in what we use).


Baking Light, Not Cookies

After trying so hard to optimize the game, we can pretty much save some CPU / GPU Consumption in exchange for Memory Space. Baking Light is the answer! We use Unity’s Auto Generate to bake all the shadow to the texture in the game. Despite that,  we still can’t put the Post Processing Stack into the game even with the Baking! Oh well, we learnt something anyway.



New Sensor, Better Vehicles

We added new sensor and lifted the height of the car so it can go up to the Ramp smoothly. The new sensor helps to detect the terrain in front and tell the car if there is a ramp ahead.

Tadaa~ The car is moving up smoothly!

Finally, we added some camera movement while the car accelerates, stops and boosted to give the game immersive Kart Arcade Feeling! (We think the car still needed tweaking on the handling, though.)

Slow/Stopped (left) vs Accelerate (middle) vs Boosted (right)


Stay Tuned With Us !

We’ll post more about the game next week, including New track and Game Art Style Alternatives. To keep in touch with us, check out our social media platforms :


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As always, we are grateful for the supports given to us. So, if you have any feedback, questions or even tips and trick on how to help on our game, don’t hesitate to contact us and leave us emails! We will put credits on everyone who helped us for the game !


Wait (for) The Fun!

RedRain #wtfredrain